At a Glance

INCUBATEC means innovation and investment with a focus on two strategic sectors:

  1. ITC with a focus on Technical Support incl. Outsourcing and Helpdesk Services (addressing the German-speaking market), Managed Hosting & Cloud (global) and Software-as-a-Service platform solutions (e.g. Marketing CRM solutions, Newsletter/SMS solutions, TODO-Lists). We love Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT – especially IOTA) and experiment with Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies and the integration with the cloud.
  2. Renewable Energies, mostly small wind power generators in southern Italy and photovoltaic power stations (PV). The renewable energies sector was developed to both contain the costs of the raising energy bills caused by the ITC sector (e.g. data center power consumption) and to be a green company for real and not only carbon neutral.

We are focused on putting the customer at the center of our attention while at the same time delivering outstanding financial and investment performance by deploying new and redeploying freed-up resources on outstanding growth and innovative technology plays.

Solve Data is our short-form motto and mission statement as we see data as a thing to solve in the first place with many facets which belong not only to the world of technology, but also of law (think of privacy laws, data protection etc.), architecture, software, physics and even biology. We want to tackle the many aspects of it, from securely storing and saving data, to elaborate data, make possibly intelligent inference from data, but also protect data in the sense of storing it redundantly, in the sense of making backups, but also in the sense of safely erasing it and keeping your data from being stolen or abused or used against you.

Even our renewable energy investments have historically grown out of our need to contain the energy costs and footprint of our data centers turning our company green and sustainable by every definition of it.

By the Numbers

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Based on a mid-year 2019 projection, on an unconsolidated basis and using unaudited, pro-forma figures.